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The key to success: Show up, every day, rain or shine, just show up. Be the kid that picks up a book off the floor, or pushes in that chair that someone neglected to push in. Make that little extra effort to do a good job. Pretend like someone’s always watching, because someone always is. They’re gonna see you do that little thing and say “that’s who I wanna manage, that’s who’s gonna get be promotion.” So no sick days, show up, and do your job. That’s how you’re gonna get far in life.

Kate Goodling and Waleska Gorczevski backstage at Fendi Fall 2014 RTW


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American Radiator Building | Photographer
He slouched back in his seat, looking tired, and leaned his face on his shoulder to look at me while he played with my hair. He started to hum a song, and then, after a few bars, he sang it. Quietly, sort of half-sung, half-spoken, incredibly gentle. I didn’t catch all the words, but it was about his summer girl. Me. Maybe his forever girl. His yellow eyes were half-lidded as he sang, and in that golden moment, hanging taut in the middle of an icecovered landscape like a single bubble of summer nectar, I could see how my life could be stretched out in front of me.



mariotestino - @KimKardashian arriving at the @MaisonValentino couture show. #CoutureByTestino @VogueParis